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Arakan Peace Treaty





This agreement namely ARAKAN PEACE TREATY is hereby executed on this day of . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . among the following parties-

The United Nations represented by its Secretary General of New York, NY 10017, United States of America.



The Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar represented by its Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Myanmar Secretariat, Naypyidaw, Myanmar.



The Rohingya Community represented by its Leader Mr. . . . . . . . . . . . . ., son of . . . . . . . . . . of . . . . . Rakhine, Myanmar.



The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh represented by its Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh Secretariat, Dhaka, Bangladesh.



WHEREAS the Arakan (presently Rakhine) was an independent state which was forcefully occupied by the then Burmese (presently Myanmar) government in 1784;

WHEREAS the Rohingya Muslim people were peacefully living in the independent Arakan who were gradually tortured and ousted from the state by the Burmese government making them homeless;

WHEREAS the Rohingya Muslims are the sons of the soil whose predecessors came from the Central India 1500 years before Christian Era. Subsequently in the eighth century the Arabs came there for dealing business who used to live in the central Arakan and most of the Rohingya people were converted to Muslims by the Arabs;

WHEREAS the Rohingya Muslims are the original nation of the present Rakhine and they can not be treated as the outsiders of Myanmar but the Myanmar government and their civilians treating them outsiders has severely been torturing them for a long time. They committed several genocides where lakhs of Rohinga Muslims died and also ousted more about twenty lakhs Muslims who are staying in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Suadi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and United States and

WHEREAS the army government of Myanmar by amending constitution in 1982 infringed the citizenship rights of Rohingya Muslims and accordingly they are deprived from all state facilities of getting service of education and health as well as government job.

Under this backdrop, the government and civilians of Myanmar are liable to face trial in the International Criminal Court and International Court of Justice, the abovementioned parties concerned with the unrest situation of Rakhine Province of Myanmar continuing from long ago mutually agreed to enter into a peace treaty to stop the ongoing violence thereon on the following

Terms and Conditions

  1. The name of this agreement would be “The Arakan Peace Treaty” to be complied by the aforesaid parties.
  2. All the people of Rohinga community would live in the present Rakhain which would newly be known as ‘Arakan’.
  3. The Arakan would be an independent state which would be governed by the United Nations till 2050. In 2050 a national election would be held under the supervision of United Nations and the then elected government would govern the country as usual.
  4. The constitution, law, judiciary and administration system of Bangladesh would be followed to govern the new state till 2050 and the subsequent government would have the liberty to adopt the system.
  5. All establishments including the foreign investments would be as usual in the state.
  6. The United Nations would bear all expenditure to build all the establishments, roads etc.
  7. All the extremist group would abstain from their extremism.
  8. The real inhabitants of Rakhain other than the Muslims would have liberty to live here or migrate to other part of Myanmar and same option would be applicable for the Muslims of Myanmar.
  9. The citizens of Arakan would live with communal harmony maintaining all fundamental, Human and religious rights.
  10. The citizens of Arakan would have to be registered to the United Nation to live there.
  11. The registered citizens will proportionately get the half land of the state and the rest half would belong to the state.
  12. No case would be filed against the genocide committed by the Myanmar government, Military and civilians. 


    Adv Md. Earul Islam

    Secretary General

    Bangladesh Congress




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